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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

how to get the best pvp gear in Wildstar


Hey i would like to talk about pvp gear especialy how to get the best pvp gear in Wildstar.
For me the best PvP gear will come from warplots, then arenas and lastly battlegrounds. I think it´s actually bad idea. In my opinion the best gear should come from "skill based" ARENAS but not from 40vs40 warplots. 

Here is my reasons:
1.40vs40 is not about you! (you can be the best player in the world but you can´t do anything if you have bunch of *** in the team)
2.Arenas were always more enjoyable than big pvp events for example (WoW) Arena > Alterac valley ,Guild wars or Star wars the old republic
3.I liked the idea that only really good pvp player could get the best pvp gear ("best pvp gear is not for everyone") and it will also work as cognitive sign for who is skilled hardcore player and who is pvp player just for fun
4.Let WoW serve as a warning example of Blizzards biggest mistake that you could buy best pvp gear after achieving set of  points from BGs or arenas (Mists of pandaria). It´s no longer skill based. It´s just about grinding. Because of that alot of their pvp community just quit playing. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How many Tradeskills can one have in WildStar

I have always see many WildStar fans talked about the hot topic:how many tradeskills can i have in WildStar. and I've been looking all over to try to find an answer to this .The following is our guesses from our friends who are fond of WildStar.

We haven't seen any news on this or much discussion in any interviews. More or less all I've heard is you can swap them out and each trade skill has 5 levels of Harvesting Tools (Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Artisan, and Expert).But I totally agree with fans the competition for nodes would be crazy - Additionally in a system like Guild Wars 2 it was pretty annoying in that by allowing players to gather everything, and awarding xp for doing so, you just had too much in your inventory and felt like you had to. I really hope its a low number so characters can feel very unqiue with their trade skills and really rely on the community of guilds, commerce and friends for items and crafting.

I for one have to agree with the gathering, as convenient as it is having nodes all to yourself KILLS the market. It means the only people buying are lazy people. Which does happen across all MMOs that is how it works but the difference is vast. In a WoW system, 10 people who are in a zone questing, only 2 of them has mining, they also compete for the nodes. A stack is mined for example. The other 8 players didn't get a thing. The 2 go and sell this on the AH and make a today profit. In GW2 all 10 questing collect a stack each and sell it on the TP, making a much smaller profit.

I thought I would love that system, evidently I do not. I am not 100% on how many tradeskills we can have but with things such as fishing mentioned I am guessing it will be 2 and mining etc counts.How about you friend ?

Is Wild Star the clone of World of Warcraft

Despite the fact that I still think their player character models are unexciting ,I’m already looking forward to WildStar.

Much of my anticipation is simply because their videos are quite good and have a fun tone. I also really like some of the new gameplay ideas we’ve seen so far, such as Paths. But probably the biggest reason I’m looking forward to the game is that the devs are not promising new paradigms or pillars or any of the other grandiose claims we’ve seen in MMOs recently. Instead I get the feeling that Carbine is trying to make an updated WoW in Space, and I am pretty okay with that.

They’ve certainly referenced old school WoW quite a bit in their development, helped by the fact that Carbine includes over 17 lead and senior developers who once worked for Blizzard. (Caydiem, one of the original WoW Blues, is on the staff too.) There are 20 and 40-man raids for the 1%. Resource nodes are not instanced, and mobs are taggable. You have hotbars with many skills. There’s a hit rating stat. Old school, people.

But wait — this appreciation of the Burning Crusade school of MMO design is tempered by features straight out of 2013, like incredibly robust player housing, remote quest turnins, in-combat dodging and double-jumping, and a twist on the multi-guild idea called “circles“. And, yes, promises of ample content for level-capped solo players.

It’s this combination of old school attitudes with new school quality-of-life features that has me most excited for WildStar and buy wildstar gold . Many games have come out in the last few years that directly mimiced WoW, usually with limited success, and I’ve done my fair share of complaining about “WoW clones”. For whatever reason though WildStar feels less like a clone and more like an update. It’s not quite the old school grind of Burining Crusade, but it’s also not quite the solo gaming of Guild Wars 2.

Of course the proof is in the playing, so who knows if the game will actually live up to its promises. For now, though, consider me a tentative passenger on the train to hype town.

Examining the Cassians of WildStar

Imagine, for a moment, that your self-esteem has been validated completely by an external force. In fact, let's turn that up a little more -- let's say it's been validated by every single person you've ever idolized. Imagine that they all showed up at your front door and said you were awesome and that if you would just give them your cat, you would be granted a marvelous dominion over everything.

First of all, it would be time to say goodbye to the cat. Second, it would mean that from that moment on, your future actions would all be entirely validated no matter what you did. Seriously, how could it ever be otherwise? Every authority you respect came around to tell you that you are supremely awesome, and you are apparently the last person any of them talked to.

This should give you the barest hint of what it's like to be one of the Cassians in WildStar. You are born into greatness, into a legacy of being the greatest thing ever, and you don't just have to live up to that legacy -- you have to outdo it.

The point cannot be stressed enough that whether or not you like the Dominion, as far as the upper leadership is concerned, what citizens of the Dominion are doing is helping everyone. Absolutely nothing the Dominion has ever done has been done out of malice. It's always justified by the needs of the galaxy as a whole, even if sometimes that means being nasty in the short term.

No one would argue that any of this was nice, but you don't always get to operate based on nice. When you're trying to build a stable galactic empire that makes the galaxy better for everyone, you're going to occasionally wind up excising some parts. It's unpleasant, maybe even heartbreaking, but it's the necessity.

This is why it's so easy to say that the Dominion is evil or villainous: It's a faction willing to go to extremes. The Dominion is Ozymandias, Lex Luthor, the Borg, SHODAN, Garrosh Hellscream -- any character or group willing to go to any length for what is perceived as the greater good. What's missing is the fact that it's also the faction of martyrdom, of self-sacrifice, of giving up everything in pursuit of an ideal bigger than yourself.

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